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Saudi learning platform takes Twitter by storm

Author: NADA HAMEEDThu, 2018-02-15 03:00ID: 1518645475701866500

JEDDAH: A Saudi electronic learning platform has been named one of the top five educational accounts on Twitter.
“English Mastery,” a non-profitable language program, was launched a year ago and has more than 29,000 followers on Twitter and 7 million account subscribers worldwide.
E-learning platforms provide easy access to information while saving money and time, and offer enjoyable methods for teaching.
“English Mastery” is aimed at students of general and higher education in the Middle East. The electronic platform encourages self-learning, and is based on the concept of learn more and pay less. It produces a blog for learning English, hosts tutors on their Snapchat accounts, and produces videos and design info-graphs to help students.
Mohammed bin Naji Al-Yamani, the platform’s executive director, told Arab News: “It is a Saudi initiative to master the English language under the supervision of a group of Saudi academics and specialists in English language education. We aim to promote self-learning in the era of digital transformation through the use of interactive electronic platforms through social media.”
Along with Al-Yamani, the platform’s volunteer team all specialize in English language teaching.
“We wanted the initiative to be fully voluntary because of our sense of social responsibility,” said Al-Yamani. “The initiative does not have any financial support. The team members’ goal is to serve the learner. There is no doubt that financial support is important and we look forward to the best in the coming period.”
“Our vision in the future is to make ‘English Mastery’ an integrated platform with an official location and interactive application that enhances self-learning.”
Abdullah Al-Shehri, a Saudi language student in the UK, told Arab News: “The ‘English Mastery’ blog and resources were very useful in my journey of self-learning. I believe it is among the best accounts ever.”

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