Finally someone’s invented a beanie with a hole for your man bun

Finally someone's invented a beanie with a hole for your man bun
Would you look at that, hey? (Picture: Manbunie)

Since the beginning of time, humans have been wrestling with function over fashion.

Why should we sacrifice style when the temperature drops, huh? We are sassy, trendy beings, y’know?

For years, men with hedgerow beards on their faces and little poo buns on their heads have had to brave the cold when winter hits, for no hat will cover that man bun.

Until now.

Enter the Manbunie.

How about this manbunie for your man bun?
(Picture: Manbunie)

It’s a beanie made from ‘95% wool, 5% hole’ – a hat that keeps your head warm and your man bun looking cool.

Made in Berlin – the city of cool – each little hat (and hole) is handcrafted with love by some super trendy hands.

The products come in the ever so ~hipster~ colours of Williamsburg blue, Hackney red, Berghain black, and Portland weird grey, so you have plenty of opportunities to match the shade to your cool (and overpriced) vintage threads.

A Manbunie in Portland weird grey
This here? Oh, this is Portland weird grey (Picture: Manbunie)

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There’s no indication of price on the beanie’s website, which we reckon is a sign that these bad boys are absolutely priceless.

Take the makers by surprise by enquiring about purchasing one here.

Who knows – maybe they will accept a few pints of craft beer and some beard pomade?

We’ve contacted asking them if they plan on branching out into man bun bike helmets.

Updates as we have ’em. We’ll leave you with this mesmerising visual.

Update: So, it’s not a joke, and the guys at Manbunie do actually hope to start producing these – and other man bun-friendly products – on a small scale soon. Wow.

Finally someone's invented a beanie with a hole for your man bun

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