Babies Named After This NFL Player Have Skyrocketed In Pennsylvania Since 2016

Pennsylvania has seen a huge spike in one recognizable baby name over the past two years — ever since the Philadelphia Eagles signed a star quarterback who helped lead them to their first Super Bowl victory.

NBC Sports Philadelphia explains:

The Eagles drafted Carson Wentz in 2016 and the rise of his name in Pennsylvania was immediate. In 2015, Carson was the 81st-most popular name (181 babies) in Pennsylvania. In 2016, the year he was drafted, it became the 59th-most popular name (247) and in 2017 it was up to 39th (301). Its a pretty safe bet that well see that number rise even more in 2018, even after Wentz was injured for the playoff run to the Super Bowl.

Is anybody actually surprised by this? Because this should come as one of the least shocking stats in the universe. Lets not forget. Three months ago, Philadelphians were eating horse crap off the street. They were climbing lamp posts and burning cars. All because the Eagles won the Super Bowl. Are we really shocked that those same people are now aggressively naming their babies Carson? I would be more surprised if the Pope held a press conference to announce hes still Catholic. (RELATED: This Hallelujah Song Dedicated To Carson Wentz Will Bring You To Tears)

Its also a total Philly move for people to name their kids after the QB who sustained a season-ending injury in mid-December, rather than the guy who actually won the Super Bowl for them. Im sure Nick is already a popular name in Pennsylvania. But the fact that Carson is the baby name spiking in popularity just goes to show you how ruthless and loyal Philly fans really are. Nothing will make them abandon their ginger Jesus. Nothing.

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