Johnny Manziel Going To Canada Was A Huge Weekend For The Smoke Room

Johnny Manziel made the decision to take his talents north of the border, and The Smoke Room had a huge weekend because of it.

How big are we talking? Oh, nothing major. My tweets and analysis of the situation were only marked by Twitter as one of the defining moments, and Bleacher Report, one of the biggest websites on the planet, included them in a wrap-up.

Johnny Manziel signs with the CFL

Weve been following the Manziel saga much longer than most people in the business. Then, he makes a decision for #ComebackSZN, and now everybody wants a piece of the pie. (SLIDESHOW: These Are The Hottest Photos Of Johnny Manziels Wife)

I dont think so. Thats not how any of this works. Ive been one of the only people in this world who has actually taken the time to break down the situation with Manziel. Everybody else wanted to point fingers and cheer on his downfall.

Not here at The Smoke Room. Were just crushing the game and getting recognized for being ahead of the curve. How many ESPN reporters were included in that Twitter moment? Only one. Same as The Smoke Room. Im not saying were as important as ESPN. Im simply stating the facts of the situation. The people will have to decide for themselves.

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