ICYMI, John Galliano wants us to wear our iPhones in ankle holsters

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ICYMI, John Galliano wants us to wear our iPhones in ankle holsters

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In case you missed it, the Paris Couture shows took place this week in the French capital.

And no show was more eagerly anticipated than John Gallianos.

Sure, hes had his demons but since taking over Maison Margiela in 2014, hes been making the label his own in his uniquely creative way.

For AW18, he turned his attention to technology, and more crucially, wearable technology.

The clothes were nomadic glamour – all kinds of futuristic materials bundled around models like explorers from some kind of alien planet.

But it was the accessories that garnered the most attention.

Models wore VR headsets and iPhone holsters attached to their ankles and forearms.

Yep, teetering on their Mad Hatter-esque heels, models went down the runway with their phones by their feet and their eyes shielded by computer screens or low hanging headpiece brims.

How no one tripped up is nothing sort of a miracle.



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