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FaceOf: Novelist, journalist and TV presenter Ghada Aboud

Thu, 2018-10-11 23:32

Aboud is a Saudi novelist, freelance consultant, journalist and television presenter. She recently published her first Arabic novel earlier this year titled “Bipolar.”

She became interested in writing about the disorder since she noticed how the general media glamorizes the illness, by associating it with extraordinary talent.

The protagonist in her novel is a therapist who is diagnosed as bipolar. “Its very easy to sit back and lecture people. Its very rare that we can help ourselves and get ourselves out of our own circumstances,” she said.

The novels message is: “We are all bipolar somehow. Its only normal to go through these extreme ups and downs. So, we have to accept our differences and our contradictions, our downfalls, our victories, and accept life as it is and accept others.”

Prior to working on her first novel, Aboud has worked as a PR freelance consultant since 2007, work that she continues to this day. She has experience as a Saudi TV presenter, hosting a television show focused on promoting Saudi female artists by shedding light on their careers.

Aboud earned her bachelors degree in broadcast journalism and mass communication, as well as a minor in psychology from the American University in Washington, D.C.

Currently, she writes a weekly column for both “El Youm El Sabi3” where she discusses different social, political, entertainment issues, as well as the Cairo-based magazine titled “E7na”, writing columns about her personal experience as a presenter and all the behind-the-scenes drama involved with media scene.

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