WME Evacuated Due To Suspicious Package

We heard that the first two levels of the WME building at 9601 Wilshire Blvd in Beverly Hills, specifically the Garden level and Equinox health club, were evacuated due to the presence of a suspicious package. Approximately 40 people, mostly from the health club, departed the building. Were now hearing that crowd is being permitted back into the building with police packing up after assessing the situation.

“The situation was assessed and the threat level was found to be low,” a law enforcement official told Deadline today.

The upper agency floors were not evacuated, leaving employees with the impression that the situation wasnt that dangerous or a serious threat. Camden Ave. was closed down we heard by LAPD. It still hasnt been determined yet what the contents of the package were that raised concerns.

Back in August 2015, CAAs Avenue of the Stars Century City building was evacuated over security concerns after a suspicious package was found there. That package wound up not being a bomb, but one filled with an unknown liquid. The building was closed for roughly four hours.

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