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US police

US Police Kills Unarmed Black Man, Sparks Outrage

Washington, Europe Brief News – Hundreds of protesters marched in Akron, Ohio after the release of body camera footage that showed US police fatally shooting a Black

world leaders

World Leaders Urged to Save World’s Seas

Madrid, Europe Brief News – Climate activists urged world leaders to


This Year’s Wildfires Worse Than Average

Rome, Europe Brief News – The number of wildfires recorded so

27 EU countries

27 EU Countries to Ban 2035 Fossil Fuel Car

London, Europe Brief News – 27 EU countries agreed to support


One Killed as Rare Tornado Hits Netherlands

Netherland, Europe Brief News – At least one person has been


UK concervative MP

UK Conservative MP Suspended over Sex Scandal

London, Europe Brief News – Chris Pincher has been suspended as UK Conservative MP following a new sex scandal involving the UK’s ruling Conservative Party. The 52-year-old,

EU countries flag

Ukraine War: Tough Challenges For Europe’s Main Players

This guide will give you the detailed knowledge about Ukraine war.

Ukraine War

The Stance Of European Key Players On Ukraine War

This guide will provides you the detailed information about Ukraine war

Russia Averting Impacts of Europe's Oil Sanctions

How Russia Averting Impacts of Europe’s Oil Sanctions

This guide will give you the detailed knowledge about how Russia


Finland and Sweden Invited to Join NATO

London, Europe Brief News – NATO leaders formally invited Finland and