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Alert Declared over Nord Stream Gas Leaks

Sweden, Europe Brief News – Sweden has declared a state of alert after reporting two gas leaks on Nord Stream 1 pipeline. The leak occurred although the

palm trees

1,000 Species of Palm Tree Face Extinction

London, Europe Brief News – More than half of the world’s


Armed Woman Breaks into Beirut Bank

Beirut, Europe Brief News- A woman held staff hostage at a

climate goals

UN: EU Countries Must Avoid ‘Backtracking’ on Climate Goals

London, Europe Brief News – The United Nations’ acting human rights


Sewage Pollution Hits Britain’s Beaches

London, Europe Brief News – Pollution hits more than 100 British


German Chancellor

German Chancellor Gulf Tour Sparks Rights Condemnation

Berlin, Europe Brief News – German Chancellor Olaf Scholz arrived in the United Arab Emirates on Sunday, during a two-day visit to the Gulf region. The trip


Queen Elizabeth II to be Buried with Prince Philip

London, Europe Brief News – Further details about the Queen’s funeral


King Charles, William and Harry to Walk Behind Queen’s Coffin

London, Europe Brief News – Prince William and Prince Harry will


Britain Urged to Return the Kohinoor Diamond

London, Europe Brief News – After the death of Queen Elizabeth


Queen’s coffin arrives in Edinburgh

London, Europe Brief News – The Queen’s coffin has arrived at