Duvet day dressing: how comfort and cosiness became cool

Bridget Jones had no idea her heartbreak wardrobe was going to become the catwalk’s hottest look. But dressing for comfort is nothing new – just ask Oscar Wilde and Marlene Dietrich

Bridget Jones – classic comedy heroine, maker of blue soup, dating disaster … style icon? Get used to it. Bridget’s heartbreak look – the pyjamas, messy hair and, crucially, the duvet – could feasibly have been spotted on the moodboards of very important designers for autumn/winter 2017. That duvet – reworked into a coat – has come out of hiding, and it’s properly fashionable. It’s on the catwalk, on your Instagram feed, on Rihanna. Forget about hiding under it, your comfort blanket is now what you wear on days to wow.

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