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G-star padded jacket – buy of the day

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Is it an overshirt? Is it a jacket? Is it both? G-star’s padded hybrid is pretty much perfect for autumn (and we intend to borrow it from the boys)

Down overshirt, £290, G-Star

Unless you have been under a rock, you’ll know padded jackets are a thing for autumn – and they are arguably even more of a thing when designed by Marc Newson, the man who has made everything from chairs to cars to toasters look far less everyday than they actually are, and caused wrists to vibrate with the Applewatch. His take on the padded jacket, then, is actually called an overshirt, a word that we’re really into because it implies a whole new category of clothing to get excited about. This down overshirt, designed by Newson for G-Star, comes with the pleasing Michelin man-style folds of the traditional padded jacket but mixes them with the collar and cuffs of a shirt. The result? A typically Newson twist on a classic that’s neither shirt or jacket, and is therefore very useful in a country where the weather changes by the second. It also allows you to use the word “overshirt” with legitimacy. Forget usefulness and anything to do with trends – that fact alone makes it a worthy purchase this autumn.

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