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Meet the brand turning plastic pollution into cool eytewear

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Meet the brand turning plastic pollution into cool eytewear
(Picture: sea2see_eyewear/Instagram)

Plastic pollution is a real problem.

Sea creatures get their fins tangled in wiring and get trapped in plastic bags. Turtles choke on small bits of plastic. Fish find themselves swimming against tonnes of crap.

Which is why fashion and beauty are becoming ever more woke about their responsibilities and the possibilities trash can pose in regards to creativity.

Adidas has already brought out trainers made entirely from recycled ocean plastic, for example. And they’re jolly good trainers too.

And now an eyewear company is making chic specs out of plastic pollution too.

Sea2See employs local fishermen to collect the plastic that accumulates in trawler nets, which is then divided into what can be made into eyewear and what can be sold to other companies which recycle.

It takes 10kg of plastic to make one pair of glasses…which given that there’s more than 8 million tonnes of the stuff being thrown into the ocean every year, is a pretty sustainable business model.

A tonne of plastic is collected every other day before being manually separated and recycled into raw, useable material.

‘We believe that consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious and expect ecologically-friendly materials, a conservation-minded use of resourced, reduced emissions of pollutants and greater social commitment,’ the brand say.

‘The spirit of Sea2See is to create a global consciousness in regards to the issue of sea contamination through a stylish, hip product that is seen and that everybody can wear with pride.’

They don’t produce glasses, they say, ‘but a statement of change’.

You can surf their online store here.

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