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Violet Chachkri is the first drag queen to front a major lingerie campaign

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Violet Chachkri is the first drag queen to front a major lingerie campaign
(Picture: violetchachki/Instagram)

In recent years, the drag community has gone from being a fringe element to a revered art form.

Drag is on prime time TV. It’s in ever-more mainstream clubs. It’s in magazines and sites which previously wouldn’t have featured it.

And much of that progress has to be accredited to RuPaul and his drag racers.

Just take Violet Chachkri, for example.

She won the show’s seventh season and now has become the first-ever drag queen to front an international major women’s lingerie campaign.

Violet (AKA Jason Dardo) is the star of Playful Promises’ new Bettie Page lingerie ling.

Under the slogan ‘Never the Girl Next Door’, the collection features bullet bras, suspenders, satin robes and corsets. And Violet completely rocks it.

While other queens have modelled before, Violet’s the first one to do so for an internationally known company.

She was chosen for her own Bettie Page-inspired looks.

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When asked about what this campaign means for the LBGTQ community, Violet says: ‘Visibility and just simply taking up space in media lead to questions, which lead to conversation, which lead to progressive thought and change’.

Saying that, it’s still a risk to make such a statement.

She tells Refinery 29: ‘It’s interesting to see where we fit in. It definitely is a risk to include any gender-nonconforming person in a campaign, a show, or whatever it may be. Because it has to be on-brand for them.

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‘But there are so many brands out there I know that would never touch drag.’

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