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You’ve got too much mail: why employers are cracking down on personal deliveries

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Office mailrooms are overflowing with shopping packages for employees – and some companies have had enough. But should they look outside the box to keep their staff happy?

If you’ve ever tried sheepishly to get an Asos bag or Amazon box from office postroom to desk, you will be aware how borderline transgressive it feels. Some companies, overwhelmed with their employees’ online-shopping deliveries, have banned them. This week, the Times reported that several big banks, including HSBC, Citigroup and JP Morgan, have banned personal deliveries. Lots of other organisations, including universities and government departments, have done the same in the past few years.

“There’s no doubt that the rise in internet shopping has changed the face of mailrooms,” says James Gilding, managing director of the document-management arm of Mitie, which runs outsourced mailrooms. Obvious personal items now account for between 30% and 40% of all incoming post. “Overall, we’re seeing an increase of around 20% on the previous year.”

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