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Budget 2017: The NHS will receive £2.8bn extra funding

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NHS services gained another boost in today's Autumn Budget, as the chancellor said the public expected more funding thanks to promises made during the Brexit campaign.

An extra £2.8bn will be injected into health services in England up to the beginning of 2020. Part of this will be delivered immediately in the form of £350m for the winter.

The rest will be spread out over the next two years, with most coming in next year. It adds to what was already a planned £9bn increase.

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"Our NHS is one of our great institutions, an essential part of what we are as a nation and a source of pride the length and breadth of the country," said Hammond. "Its values are the values of the British people, and we will always back it. Dedicated NHS staff are handling the challenges of an ageing population and rapidly advancing technology with skill and commitment."

It came as pressure for extra funding has increased, following NHS England chief executive's Simon Stevens insistence that the service was entitled to the £350m a week promised by Boris Johnson's battle bus during the Brexit campaign.

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Hammond also confirmed that health minister Jeremy Hunt is involved in discussions which could increase pay for nurses.

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