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Greg James: ‘My parents are both funny – Dad would do silly voices, Mum was the acerbic one’

The radio DJ on forcing his dad to hide behind the hedge at cricket matches and why he loves to make his sister laugh

Both my parents were teachers, so they had been around a lot of kids. My mum taught PE and history before becoming a special needs teacher. My dad was a headteacher. He had worked in some tough schools and, as often happens with the first child, my older sister had really tested their limits in her teens – all of which meant they could impart some good life lessons while staying pretty liberal with me.

I get my sportiness from my mum. She is very athletic and still keen on keeping fit. She would borrow school PE equipment and we would do sportsday stuff in the garden. I would make Mum play cricket with me, but my dad was the one I watched it with. He would drive me to matches, but I wouldn’t let him sit on the sidelines; I would get too nervous. He got upset at that, so we compromised: he would hide behind the hedge where I couldn’t see him.

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