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B&M is selling a Baileys advent calendar for £5

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You can now get a Baileys advent calendar for £5
(Picture: Baileys)

Forget a vegan chocolate advent calendar or even a cheese one because the search for 2017’s best advent calendar is officially off.

Why, you ask? Because B&M have just swept all the competition away.

The discount store has launched a Baileys advent calendar for a mere fiver.

Yes, a fiver. Less than a sarnie and some crisps.

The calendar features 50ml Baileys Original Irish Cream and 24 milk chocolate squares.

So if you’re looking to gift someone who likes chocolate and liquor this Christmas (read: yourself), then here’s your best bet.

The only con? There’s not enough Baileys for every single day but for the price, we’re certainly not complaining.

It’s a bargain hunter’s dream, costing less than supermarket rivals. It’s eight quid cheaper than Debenham’s offering which is currently retailing at £13.

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The only difference? It has 23 mini Baileys truffles instead of the milk chocolate squares.

But the price clearly hasn’t clearly stopped its popularity as it’s now out of stock.

It’s not the first advent calendar where alcohol and not chocolate is the feature. There’s been a Prosecco advent calendar and even a rum one.

Another goes one step further – it features a full-sized bottle of gin so you have enough to last your throughout December.

At £99, it’s £95 pricier than the B&M one so we probably know which way we’re heading.

As the B&M Baileys advent calendar isn’t available online, you’d better get to your nearest store sharpish.

But if you’re sick of advent calendars, an anti-advent calendar may be a better alternative.

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