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Euro-Med Monitor report on ‘stateless persons’ in Europe

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Euro-Med Monitor published a co-delivered report concerning ‘Stateless Persons’ in Europe on Sunday.

Amsterdam Law Clinic and Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor cooperated in issuing a report on ‘stateless persons in the European Union.

Further, the report urges the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) to hand down a ruling on the issue.

While Prakken d’Oliveira Human Rights Lawyers law firm spurred the issuance of the report, Euro-Med sponsored the process. And the Amsterdam International Law Clinic prepared it.

Euro-Med Monitor announced that the report aims at helping stateless persons leave the ‘grey areas.”

According to the report, ‘grey areas’ that are relevant to stateless persons became clear. And the report suggests a three-point strategy of litigation, urging the CJEU to hand down a ruling.

‘Legal limbo’

The European Union’s definition of ‘Stateless Persons’ is relatively vague, declared Euro-Med and Amsterdam Law Clinic.

Since the term is ambiguous, this makes around 760,000 stateless persons in a ‘legal limbo’.

“This is a very important piece of strategic research,” said Mahmoud Jawad, Euro-Med Monitor’s Operations Advisor, “It could trigger valuable legal transformations in EU Law that would directly alleviate the legal standing of stateless people in Europe.”

As there is a Dutch statelessness procedure, the report inspects the circumstances of more than 4,000 stateless persons in the country.

While the report’s authors examined the stateless persons’ situations in Netherlands, they intended to secure a referral to the CJEU.

Also, Getting the local Dutch court’s referral to the CJEU regarding the concept ‘stateless persons’ would exert pressure on the authorities.

That would accelerate the process of establishing an “effective statelessness determination procedure.”

The CJEU, an EU institution, is relevant to the systems of EU Member States. And a ruling from the CJEU would constitute a “cornerstone” for an effective procedure in the whole EU.

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