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A student night has started a massive debate over how to cut toast

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A student night has started a massive debate over how to cut toast
(Picture: Hallamnation/Twitter)

What’s the correct way to cut a slice of bread?

Diagonally, so you get two triangles? Horizontally, so you get two short rectangles? Or vertically?

(Sorry to anyone who prefers to cut their toast into quarters. You are not included in this argument because you are a child)

It’s probably not something you’ve thought about much. When you have some toast you slice it the way you always do, never stopping to question if it’s the correct method.

But now this is something we must address.

Hallamnation, a student club night in Sheffield, has sparked a massive debate on Twitter by asking how people would prefer their toast to be sliced.

The toast is offered as part of a special charity night, so don’t feel rubbish if your SU doesn’t give you carbs on a night out.

On Twitter Hallamnation asked: ‘Which way would you prefer our staff to do you toast at the end of a night?!’ Along with that, they shared a photo of three slices of toast, each sliced in a different way.

And people became very passionate about which toast slicing method is correct.

It looks like the top choice is definitely slicing toast diagonally to make two triangles

And people are strongly against number three, cutting the bread vertically

Number 3 makes me feel physically sick. If anyone cuts their bread like that unfollow me immediately i don't want to be associated with you https://t.co/D2hSgX2L82

— dan bryan (@DanIsBareCool) December 12, 2017

Although many people are questioning why toast needs to be sliced at all

Who even cuts toast? Eat it like a man! The only time it gets altered is if you put too much of whatever on it and fold your toast. Triangles, are you 5 years old? https://t.co/m8wTY8KPJi

— Edward Freeman (@skywatcher1977) December 13, 2017

So, friends. Let’s settle this. Which is the correct way to slice toast?

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