Jack Daniel’s whisky blended with cider is the alcohol hybrid we never knew we needed

Jack Daniel's whisky blended with cider is the hybrid we never knew we needed
Weird or great? (Picture: Jack Daniels)

A year ago Jack Daniel’s brought us whisky coffee, which no-one asked for, but they did it anyway.

Now, they’ve blessed our lives with whisky-infused cider, which we think you’ll agree, is a curious combo.

While the product quietly launched last year, it’s only just launched into our hearts and minds, and we obviously got some in to try, for #content.

Tennessee Cider is a crisp apple cider blended with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whisky.

In their own words: ‘A crisp cider with a finish of light spice, caramel and a hint of vanilla, this is a one-of-a-kind flavour that stays true to the innovative spirit of Mr. Jack.’

Okay sure, but what does it taste like?

Jack Daniels whisky blended with cider is the hybrid we never knew we needed
Well thank God you can buy multipacks (Picture: Jack Daniels)

The drink falls into the Desperados (tequila lager) category of drinks that grown adults probably shouldn’t enjoy, but you know what? Screw society and all its expectations.

I can’t help it if my tastebuds are innately attracted to drinks that taste like they’ve been mineswept.

In fact, as one reviewer puts it – ‘It tastes like a weird cocktail you’d make at a teenage house party. But in a good way…..’.

Right on. I (vaguely) recall one uni house party where you had to pour any drink you brought with you into a giant bucket, to make one huge, vomit-inducing drink.

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In the week that brought us news that some people think that whisky is intimidating for women, this weird little cider is a welcome gift.

Ladies, gents and everyone in between can enjoy this curious little drink, and while we’re at it, let’s start ordering coffteas (coffee mixed with tea) at Pret and start a revolution.

Tennessee Cider costs £2.20 per 330ml bottle, and you can get it in your local offie, supermarket, or wherever you usually buy your liquor.

You can also buy a four pack gift set featuring a bottle opener, for £9.99 on the JD website.

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