Dash Cam Catches Texas House Exploding Feet From Police Officer

11:09 AM 04/19/2018







The Hurst (TX) Police Department released dash cam footage Wednesday of a house exploding just feet away from an officer responding to an incident involving a crashed SUV.


The officers were responding to April 7 reports of an SUV crashing into the house, which ruptured a gas line that led to the explosion.

A family was reportedly in the dwelling at the time of the explosion. All three members were rescued from the blaze and were transported to a local hospital to be treated for burns. The officer shown in the video, Travis Hiser, was not harmed.

“I did feel a giant wave of heat push over my right side,” Hiser said of the blast. “I could see a lot of orange and flames before I shut my eyes.”

According to Fox News, the driver of the SUV was an illegal immigrant who had previously been arrested for not having a drivers license. He is currently being held in custody by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials.

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