A Bicyclist Got Eaten By A Cougar This Weekend. Here Are The Wild Details

A Washington man who was minding his own business on a bike ride was torn from limb to limb by a cougar this weekend. Another biker with him was also wounded by the cougar.

USA Today reports:

The second man, whose name also was withheld pending notification of kin, fled into the woods with the big cat chasing after him. He later was found dead with the animal standing over his body….The cats, which are about 2 feet tall at the shoulders, eat deer and smaller mammals and generally are solitary and secretive. They stalk their prey before pouncing with powerful hindquarters.

Yikes. I cannot imagine how terrifying it must have been to be biking along, enjoying the day, only to be blindsided by the blunt force of a cougar mauling you. And the fact that authorities found the victim some distance away from the attack means the cougar must have dragged him off and proceeded to eat or at least wound him further. Which is a beyond-gruesome concept. (RELATED: Guy With One Finger Tries To Climb Mount Everest. Lets See How It Worked Out)

Rare cougar attack a mystery, even for experts

— KING 5 News (@KING5Seattle) May 21, 2018

With all that being said, its a pretty remarkable story that one of these bikers actually had the wherewithal to smack this cougar before it attacked. Apparently, in the event of a cougar attack, youre supposed to maintain eye contact and make loud noises to scare it off. Which is probably the opposite of what Id do in the event of a wild cat strike.

Cougar attacks are pretty rare in the US. This is only the second attack on humans in 100 years. Authorities are reportedly considering doing an examination of the cougars brain to check it for rabies.

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