KFC is launching a Zinger Double Down burger this week

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KFC is launching a Zinger Double Down meal and it sounds incredible.

The Double Down is one of KFCs most loved burgers – as its totally bunless which means extra fried chicken.

However, it was only available in the UK for a limited time – leaving customers pretty upset.

Knowing this, KFC has decided to recreate it with another of its popular burgers – the Zinger. And were super excited.

The burger is set to be launched from 23 July for just three weeks.

KFC is launching a Zinger Double Down burger this week
(Picture: KFC)

It features two fiery-hot Zinger chicken fillets, Double Downs signature crispy bacon and melted cheese, and hot salsa and pepper mayo.


The Zinger Double Down will be available until 12th August, with prices starting from £4.79 – or £5.79 with fries and a drink.

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A KFC spokesperson said: Ever since we first launched Double Down in the UK, our fans have been calling out for a Zinger edition. We listened.

The fiery heat of our Zinger is iconic and one of our best-loved flavours, so we totally agreed it was a no brainer to launch this as a Double Down.

Weve stayed pretty tight lipped on our plans to go Zinger as we wanted to take our biggest fans by surprise… hopefully our insurers enjoyed the flaming counter surprise too!

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