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Beat the heat: Five deceptively simple ways to keep cool in the office

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Summer is here, and so are long hours of working in a sweaty office.

Even if your office doesnt have air con, there are easy hacks to keeping cool: here are five ways to help you survive the heat wave and stay comfortable during the working day.

1. Wear the right clothes

Its a no brainer that when the weather gets warmer you should lose the layers and opt for lighter and more breathable fabrics – but also keep in mind that natural fibres like linen and cotton absorb perspiration, helping you to feel cooler, while synthetic fabrics trap heat.

2. Ditch the caffeine

The heat causes you to sweat more than usual, which means you dehydrate more quickly. In order to stay hydrated, avoid coffee and tea, which can increase the heart rate and subsequently blood flow, causing your temperature to rise. Stick to cool or ice cold water – and no, fizzy drinks and juices dont count.

3. Take a break from your computer

This probably presents the biggest challenge, but try to get away from you computer as often as you can. Computers and other electronic devices give off a lot of heat, so instead of having lunch at your desk, step outside for fresh air.

4. Avoid big meals

Smaller meals help to keep the bodys temperature down because it doesnt have to work as hard to break down nutrients. Eating larger meals means your metabolism must work harder to digest it, which increases your temperature.

5. Wet your wrists

Running your wrists under the tap for five seconds every couple of hours might look odd, but because main veins pass through this area, it helps cool the pulse points and lower the temperature of your blood flow.

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