Everyones buying M&S gin & tonics because of Fleabag

(Pictures: Marks & Spencer/BBC)

Marks and Spencer have revealed that sales of its gin & tonic cans are up since being featured on hit BBC comedy Fleabag.

And were not surprised. Everyone is obsessed with Fleabag. Its all we want to talk about.

The frank discussions about sex, the hilarious to-camera asides, the hottest priest we have ever seen. Its no wonder that anything Fleabag features will turn to gold.

Sales are up 24% since its TV appearance, as even more customers get their hands on the iconic drink, perfect for on-the-go, said an M&S spokesperson.

This isnt any G&T in a can, its an M&S G&T in a can, they added.

An absolute favourite with M&S customers, as well as the occasional vicar as seen recently on the hit show Fleabag.

The classic beverage first made an appearance in episode two of season two – where Fleabag was hanging out with Andrew Scotts priest in the back room of the church after a sermon.



Do you want a proper drink?, he asked her. Ive got cans of G&T. From M&S.

Were not sure whether it was the tone of his voice or the look in his eyes, but suddenly, we all want a can of G&T from M&S.

And really, there isnt a wrong time for gin in a tin.

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On a train, in a park after work, on the beach, in the cinema – it really is a versatile little tipple.

And with spring finally starting to make an appearance, tinned gin season is officially just around the corner. We cant wait.

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