London is one of the worst cities for young families

London is one of the worst cities in the UK for young families, according to data compiled by Moneysupermarket.

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The capital narrowly avoided last place, with Bristol rated the worst UK city for families owing to a decline in good schools and a rise in burglary.

London had the highest average salary and was far ahead of the other 35 cities measured by the comparison website for its number of local parks.

But the capital's high population meant it scored poorly in its number of outstanding Ofsted schools per capita, and together with high house prices, this kept it near the bottom of the table.

Bath took the top spot for a second year in a row in the ranking that compared 35 cities based on factors such as schooling, house prices, job opportunities and access to parks.

The high number of schools serving the population rated outstanding by Ofsted, and a good number of job opportunities kept the Somerset city out in front.

Top five UK cities for families:

Rank City
1 Bath
2 Wolverhampton
3 Newcastle
4 Sunderland
5 Manchester

Other high performers included Newcastle, which came in third place and with the highest number of outstanding-rated schools per head of the population.

Manchester also fared well, with good schools and lower house prices combining with a high number of parks to put the city at number five on the list.

Worst five UK cities for families:

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Rank City
31 Edinburgh
32 Peterborough
33 Leicester
34 London