Here Are 12 Body-Positive Swimsuits You Can Consider For Your Next Holiday

1. Boyish

Characterised as figures that are more rectangular, women with boyish shapes — like model Rocky Barnes — generally have smaller hips and busts and less curves around the mid-section of their torso.

Plain one-piece: Swimsuit, $79.90, from Mango

Cut-outs create the illusion of curves, as the style lines help to draw the eye into the middle of the body.

Printed one-piece: Swimsuit, $159, from Pinksalt.

Colour-blocking is a great way of highlighting your figure. The yellow band around the middle emphasizes your waist, whilst the indigo bands going down each side of your hip gives you the illusion of a fuller hip.

Plain two-piece: Bikini set, $195, from Calvin Klein

Side-tie bows help add a bit of bulk to your hips, making them appear fuller. To balance this effect, find a top that has a deeper V-neck cut, as it helps your bust area look wider, and thereby creates an hourglass figure.

Printed two-piece: Bikini set, $390, from Tory Burch.

Smocking helps add volume to your bust and hips, which in turn, helps you look curvier.

2. Pear-shaped

Just like model Iskra Lawrence, pear-shaped figures generally lean towards having heavier-set hips and thighs. They also have a defined waistline thats smaller than the bust and hip area.

Plain one-piece: Swimsuit, $460, from Everae.

Ruffles on top help draw the eyes up, and balances out your figure because it adds bulk to the upper half of your torso.

Printed one-piece: Swimsuit, $89.90, from OYSHO.

A plunging neckline creates a curvy hourglass figure, and the flash of skin balances out your hips as well.

Plain two-piece: Bikini set, $215, from Lisa Marie Fernandez at MATCHESFASHION

Off-shoulder bikini tops also help to balance out your figure, because visually, the bikini top stretches across your upper torso horizontally and creates the illusion of a wider top.

Printed two-piece: Bikini set, $54, from Mikoh at THE OUTNET.

This is really all about controlling where the eye focuses on, rather than using fashion to cheat your proportions. A printed top paired with a plain bottom divert attention upwards, which reduces attention on your hips.

3. Tummy-concealing

Whether its because you bloat easily, or because youre not comfortable revealing your midriff area, here