Bottle Slap Challenge! Russia’s slapping champion ‘Dumpling’ creates own internet craze (VIDEO)

Russian slapping champion Vasiliy 'Dumpling' Kamotskiy has given his own version of the viral 'bottle cap challenge' craze by doing what he does best – slapping the bottle off to create his own version of the gimmick.

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The 'bottle-cap challenge' is the latest craze sweeping the internet where celebrities challenge one another to knock off a bottle cap with a spinning clip and post their slow-motion efforts online.

As with anything, Russians always find a way to put their own personal stamp on things, and the bottle-cap challenge is no different.

Russia's male slapping champion Vasiliy Khamotskiy, nicknamed the 'Dumpling' and who became an internet hit with his KO slap power, decided to add his own trademark.

Unsurprisingly, Dumpling's 300-pound frame doesn't allow for a spinning back kick. Instead, Dumpling filmed his slow-mo clip on his farm in sunny Siberia, using his trademark slap to send the bottle spinning into the air.

"I've taken the baton," he said of accepting the challenge from a friend. "A round kick is not for me but a slap is a piece of cake! Everyone is doing their best!"

Shockingly, Dumpling didn't take the opportunity to call out YouTuber Logan Paul, who had attempted to take part in a slapping duel with the Russian, before pulling out a few days before a planned tournament. Dumpling called Paul a "pussy" after the pullout.

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