Woman shocked to find stingy sandwich only contains two tiny bits of ham near the edge

These are not the ham sandwiches in question, but an example of how a ham sandwich can be Picture: Getty)

Imagine the disappointment of tucking into a sandwich, only to find its seriously lacking in fillings.

Thats what happened to one woman, whod prefer to remain unnamed.

The woman, from New Zealand, said she bought a ham sandwich from the Papakura Bakery, paying $5 (around £3).

She opened up the sandwich to discover just two measly bits of ham inside, carefully arranged near the edge of the bread to give the illusion of a properly packed sarnie.

This is devastating, clearly, but thankfully the woman was able to take the tragedy in her stride.

She shared a photo of the sandwich on the Papakura and Takanini Grapevine Facebook Group, telling NewsHub that she still ate the sandwich – it was yum.

Commenters were appalled, calling the sandwich a rip off and a scam.

Woman shocked after finding a tiny strip of ham in her $5 sandwich she purchased from a caf?
The sandwich (Picture: Facebook)

One person wrote: Very sneaky – place the strip at the front of the sandwich to give the impression the rest of the sandwich also has ham.



Another said: Thats a bread sandwich.. Not a ham sandwich.

After the sandwich got shared all over the internet, the people over at the Papakura Bakery have spoken out to say the sandwich isnt one of theirs. The plot thickens.

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They say their ham sandwich contains a whole piece of ham, salad, and cheese, and invite anyone who doubts their fillings to come take a look.

Fair play. Wed never want to accuse someone of being a slice of ham short of a sandwich.

But let this be a lesson to us all, to inspect sandwiches carefully before purchase.

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