Meatliquor to stay open for 24 hours so you can have a burger whenever you want

Burgers for 24 hours – the ultimate dream (Picture: Meatliquor)

Does the idea of burger for breakfast, lunch and dinner sound like a dream come true?

It will soon become a reality as Meatliquor, the franchise that has 11 restaurants across the UK, will be hosting a 24-hour burger celebration so you can stuff your face with as much meaty goodness as your heart desires.

The event is being held in honour of National Burger Day. It will start at 11.30am on 22 August until the following morning – although technically the burger extravaganza will actually run for 39.5 hours, as the venue doesnt close until 3am on the Friday.

Chefs will be serving up special breakfast burgers in the morning (from 5am to 11.30am) and theres something for everyone; meatlovers can enjoy the pork sausage patty with bacon, mushrooms and egg, while the veggie burger consists of mushrooms, halloumi and egg and the vegan option features mushrooms and hash browns.



You can guzzle down your grub with cocktails throughout the 24 hours too, as the venue has secured a special licence for the occasion. That being said, please drink responsibly.

The drinks menu includes tipples such as the English Breakfast Martini, which is made with Bombay Sapphire gin, Vermouth blend and topped with a bacon-dusted pickled quails egg.

If youd rather go alcohol-free, the team recommend the Stiegl Grapefruit Radler.

Meatliquors staple dishes will also be available including the Dead Hippie, which features two French mustard-fried beef patties, minced white onion, lettuce, pickles and cheese, drizzled with Dead Hippie sauce (were not quite sure whats in it but were hoping its not what it says on the tin).

For those who dont like beef, there are also several chicken burgers to choose from.

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