You can buy a massive 1kg squeezy bottle of Lotus Biscoff sauce online

Drool (Picture: Amazon/Lotus)

Grab some ice cream, a spoon, or simply open your mouth wide enough for a funnel, as it turns out you can buy a massive bottle of Lotus Biscoff sauce online right now.

Yep, on Amazon right now there are listings for a squeezy bottle of Lotus Biscoff sauce weighing in at 1kg.

Thats a saucy topping that tastes just like those rather excellent Lotus biscuits or that seriously addictive Biscoff spread you can pop on toast, biscuits, or eat by the spoon.

The front of the bottle has a photo of ice cream drizzled with the stuff, so we assume thats how Lotus wants us to eat this magical creation, but theres really nothing stopping you from squeezing the bottles contents directly into your mouth. We wont judge.

So, the good news is that this exists.

The bad news is that its not that easy to get hold of.



After Money Saver Online shared news of the sauce on their Facebook, the Lotus Biscoff bottle has repeatedly been out of stock on Amazon, where its just £9.99.

At the time of writing, Amazon says theres one bottle available – but you may have to be patient and refresh the page regularly to hit buy while its in stock.

You can, however, buy a bottle for £7.95 from JM Posner, or find bottles ranging in price from a tenner to £54 on Ebay. Fantastic.

Dont panic too much if you arent able to get your greedy paws on a stash.

There are loads of other Lotus Biscoff products you can get pretty easily, including ice creams and Read More – Source