Unfortunate ASOS trousers with brown tie-dye streaks make it look like youve pooed yourself

The tracksuit bottoms (Picture: ASOS)

We love a print but sometimes the placement isnt always well thought out.

Who can forget the M&S bikini bottoms that made you look like youve had a period mishap?

Well, now these white tracksuit bottoms with a brown tie-dye design are being described as poopy pants.

Yes, the tie dye effect means some strange brown streaks right down the trousers and across your bum.

Because who doesnt want to look like youve had an unfortunate problem after a dodgy tummy?

The trousers from ASOS come with a matching top, which when worn together, looks like youve had quite the accident.

We cant help but think the designer didnt think this one through.

The £22.99 bottoms by brand Public Desire do look comfy with a tie waistband and cuffed bottoms but its probably not worth the double takes in the street.

The bottoms were shared on the Asos, Why? Facebook page with the caption: We all have accident, but worry not about them stains on your behind! These trousers are the perfect cover!



#poopypants #asoswhy #asosfail #asoswtf

Its certainly an interesting design but ASOS claims that they are selling fast.

The poop pants arent the only item on the ASOS site that have given people a giggle.

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