Medvedev on whether he can lead Next Gen to overthrow Big Three

Daniil Medvedev came close to a first Slam title (Picture: AFP/Getty Images)

A new leader of the chasing pack has emerged.

Yes, Rafael Nadal won. Yes, the Big Three have now shared the last 12 Grand Slams between them. Yes, there is no active Grand Slam winner under the age of 30.

But on Sunday night in New York, one youngster stepped up.

Staring a straight sets defeat in the face, despite not playing badly, Daniil Medvedev flipped the match on its head. He fought. He believed.

From two sets and a break down he rallied and forced a fifth set against the man who holds the second most Grand Slam titles in history. It wasnt enough, but it was close.

Daniil Medvedev stands alongside Rafael Nadal and Rod Laver after the US Open final
Daniil Medevev was second best on the night (Picture: AFP/Getty Images)

Medvedev is an incredibly smart tennis player. While some of his younger colleagues cant step back to view the wider picture, he sees the game perfectly.



He made tactical alterations against Nadal, which he gave an insight to after the match.

First two sets, I was kind of close, but at the same time Rafa was a beast out there, Medvedev said in his post-match press conference. I felt like everything I do, he has an answer. So I was continuing to try something, to find something new. I was going to the net sometimes, doing some dropshots, some slice. I tried everything.

As I say, these, I have to say, three guys [Nadal, Djokovic and Federer], they are legends. The way theyre playing tennis is just unbelievable. When you are out there, tactically its tougher than against anybody else.

For three sets, for two sets and until a break, I was thinking, Okay, what should I do? Then I found something. I dont know what is it, but I managed to be better in the game. And after, it was an equal match, I should say.

While the Big Three continue to dominate the Grand Slam scene, Medvedevs emergence has given genuine hope that he can be the first youngster to truly step up and win a major.

Rafael Nadal bites the US Open trophy
Nadal came through (Picture; AFP/Getty Images)

Although he was reluctant to put too much pressure on his shoulders, he is confident he and the fellow stars of tomorrow are doing everything to become the stars of today.

Its tough to say because I dont want to talk by myself about this, he added. Its better for you guys, the journalists, experts, to talk about these kind of things.



I can say that Im sure all of us, were fighting our best to try to make this transition. Its really tough because these guys, they are playing good tennis. I dont know what else to say. They are just playing amazing tennis.

Its really tough to beat them, even to get a set from them, even every game to win is tough. Were just doing our best job to try to make it happen sometimes.

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