Aaron Kwok trapped in traffic jam while on diaper run

HONG KONG • It was probably a route Hong Kong superstar Aaron Kwok had taken many times.

However, on Sunday evening, he found himself trapped in a traffic jam in the Causeway Bay shopping district as tens of thousands of people marched to the United States consulate to call for help to bring democracy to Hong Kong.

The demonstration on Sunday was supposed to have ended at 4.30pm, but some demonstrators remained on the roads, blocking traffic.

Passers-by who recognised Kwok in the jam at Causeway Bay were so excited that they took photos with him.

Some shouted, "Thank you for your support, Aaron Kwok!", while others said, "The other side has Alan Tam, we Hong Kongers have Aaron Kwok!" in a reference to how veteran singer Tam was supporting the Hong Kong police in the ongoing crisis in the territory.

When asked by the media where he was going, Kwok rolled down his car window and said with a smile he was "going to buy diapers".

Asked further about his views on the protests and whether he was worried that his Lamborghini would be damaged, he replied sheepishly: "I am buying diapers for my daughter."

The 53-year-old did not say anything more and drove off with an embarrassed expression. His manager told the media later that he was caught in the traffic jam after returning from a concert rehearsal.

As the series of protests sparked by a controversial extradition Bill shows little sign of ending, celebrities in Hong Kong have spoken up both for and against those protesting the legislation, which was formally withdrawn last week.

Veteran actor Tony Leung Ka Fai and singer Kenny Bee have voiced support for the Hong Kong police, while veteran actress Deanie Ip and Cantopop singer Denise Ho are among those wh

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