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HARD-WORKING JOEY YUNG IS INJURED: If Joey Yung does not dance when she sings as a guest in Kenny Kwan's concerts in Hong Kong this weekend, fans will not blame her.

Earlier this month, Yung, 39, known for her high-energy shows, posted a picture of herself in a wheelchair.

Visibly drained, she had turned up at a hospital to seek medical treatment after her gruelling run of 19 Hong Kong concerts last month left her unable to walk without feeling immense pain.

The preparation and performances took a toll on both her kneecaps. After each of her concerts, she tried to seek relief by soaking her feet in warm water.

But even when she had completed her shows, the pain did not go away, affecting her ability to do simple tasks like walking to the bathroom.

Yung eventually headed to the hospital where fluid was drained from her kneecaps, which had balloone