Yandy Has Truly One Upped Itself With This Sexy White Claw Halloween Costume

Yandy, the costume company behind risqué Mr. Rogers and hot tariff, has debuted a fizzy new Halloween number in the form of a sexy White Claw can—just in time for spooky season.

The so-called "Hard Outlaw" two-piece costs $54.95 and features the words "Outlaw, Party Hard" (a play on the meme "Ain't no laws when you're drinking the Claws") on the front and "#Darty" on the butt. "Who's up for a day party?" the official description reads on "Lay down the law of liquid refreshments. Life is hard to handle without that five percent bubbly buzz. Be the sweetest seltzer on the shelf, and sip away your Saturday in this thirst-quenching exclusive Hard Outlaw costume… Grab some of your favorite gals, and wear different "flavored" stockings for the best group costume!"

Yandy Hard Outlaw Costume



A Yandy representative says "Hard Outlaw" has been in the works ever since spiked seltzer became the drink of Hot Girl Summer 2019. They logged it in a spreadsheet of Halloween costume ideas, then tapped one of their in-house designers to create the final look.

"Weve seen a huge trend in spiked seltzer drinks and they are wildly popular with our team, too,"Alicia TRead More – Source