Confectionery company is hiring a professional fudge taste-tester

Eating this could be your job (Picture: Getty)

Ever wanted to eat food for a living?

Well, one confectionery company is making dreams a reality.

Yorkshire-based sweet subscription service STIRRD is recruiting a professional fudge taste-tester.

The business is looking for someone to join them as their first Chief Chewing Operator (CCO) – yep, thats the official job title.

The role will involve taste-testing a number of sweet treats straight off the production line, to ensure they are of a high enough standard. So the right candidate will need to have an excellent palette and, of course, a sweet tooth.

STIRRD says its ideally looking for a passionate confectionery connoisseur with a sophisticated palette to join the team and aid the development of its good-for-the-soul flavours.

The chosen candidate will collaborate with the development team on some of the companys upcoming seasonal products, including salted maple and mince pie fudge.



They will also get the day off on 16 June – aka National Fudge Day.

But its not just fudge the individual will be feeding back on. STIRRDs boxes include a range of chocolates, honeycombs, caramels, marshmallows treats and more – so no doubt they will have to be sampled too.

Theres also potential for the hire to feature in the companys upcoming video campaign.

STIRRD has stressed that pay is negotiable dependent on experience – so if youve ever eaten fudge and commented on it, youre in with a chance.

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It can hardly come as a surprise that this quirky job has a quirky application process, too.

Anyone looking to apply will need to fill out a short form and write about their experience of chewing in 100 words or less.

Good luck!

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