Singer-actor Aliff Aziz flashing himself and acting belligerent in video being circulated

SINGAPORE – Yet another video of Singaporean singer-actor Aliff Aziz behaving badly is making the rounds online.

The latest clip, which lasts about 1½ minutes and was shared on citizen journalism website Stomp, shows the singer launching a tirade against an unknown person at what seems to be a roadside coffee shop.

A man in a cap tries to hold him back but is unsuccessful. Aliff then picks up a chair and throws it.

The 28-year-old singer walks away, before turning back and unzipping his pants to flash himself while shouting at his opponent.

It is not clear when or where the video, which has also been shared on other social media platforms such as Facebook, was taken. Aliff appears to know the identity of the person taking the video, which was shot from inside a car, as he turns to the cameraman and tells him not to film the incident.

The video is the latest controversy to hit the singer.

In November 2019, videos of him being taken down by several police officers after a drunken brawl near Orchard Towers were circulated online.

He was then charged in court with disorderly conduct. He also faced two other charges of stealing one million rupiah (S$97) and $300 from an Indonesian actress, and stealing a packet of cigarettes and a lighter from a man.

Just last week (Jan 8), netizens were debating if Aliff and his former wife, Malaysian singer-actress Bella Astillah, were reconciling after they both uploaded what looked like photos of thRead More – Source