Coronavirus: Three Hong Kong Film Award nominees postpone their releases

Three movies which have just received nominations at the Hong Kong Film Awards (HKFA) have delayed their releases due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The outbreak has affected the takings of cinemas in Hong Kong as residents avoid crowded places to reduce the risk of infection.

One of the titles is Suk Suk, a Hong Kong drama directed by Ray Yeung and starring Ben Yuen and Tai Bo.

The film was scheduled to be released in Hong Kong on March 12, but this has since been postponed to mid-April, according to Hong Kong's Ming Pao Daily News.

Suk Suk received five nominations at Taiwan's Golden Horse Awards last year, including Best Feature Picture and Best Actor for Yuen and Tai. It has also received nine nominations at the HKFA, including Best Film, Best Director for Yeung and Best Actor for Tai.

Another movie, My Prince Edward, directed by Norris Wong and starring Chu Pak Hong and Stephy Tang, will be released on May 7 instead of mid-April.

The movie received three nominations, including Best Actor for Chu, at the Golden Horse Awards. It received eight nominations at the HKFA, including Best Actor for Chu, Best Actress for Tang and Best New Director for Wong.

The third movie, Beyond The Dream, has had its release date moved from early May to May 28. The love drama, directed by Kiwi Chow and starring Terrance Lau and Cecilia Choi, received six nominations at the HKFA, including Best Director for Chow and Best Actress for Choi.

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