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US Forces Attacked in Syria, No Casualties Reported

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US-led coalition forces in eastern Syria came under fire, a few hours after US airstrikes targeted Iran-backed militia groups in Iraq and Syria.

Coalition spokesman Colonel Wayne Marotto affirmed the attack, saying no casualties were reported.

He said US forces “conducted counter-battery artillery fire at rocket launching positions”.

“We will provide updates when we have more information,” Marotto tweeted Monday afternoon.

In turn, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Iran-backed armed groups fired several shells at a US base in eastern Syria’s Al-Omar oil field, causing damage but no casualties.

The exchange of fire came only one day after US jets carried out overnight air aids on three targets in Syria and Iraq.

The Pentagon claimed the targeted sites were “weapons storage and operational facilities” used by Iranian-backed militias.

The airstrikes were “both necessary to address the threat and appropriately limited in scope,” Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said.

The Syrian Observatory said at least seven fighters were killed and several others wounded.

Iran’s foreign ministry condemned the air attacks, accusing the US of creating instability in the region and disrupting the security of the region.

“Definitely, what the US is doing is disrupting the security of the region,” the ministry said on Monday.

The attacks came a few days after the US and France warned Iran that time is running out to revive the nuclear deal.

Last week, the US House of Representatives voted to repeal the law that authorised former President George W Bush to invade Iraq.

The 268-161 vote was described as a historic step that will help end America’s “forever wars”.

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