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Britain Express Concerns Over Afghanistan Violence

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson expressed deep concern over the violence outbreak in Afghanistan.

Johnson’s statements came as his government would mark the end of a 20-year deployment in the country today.

“If you ask me whether I feel happy about the current situation in Afghanistan, of course, I don’t. I’m apprehensive,” Johnson said in response to a parliamentary question.

“We have to be realistic about the situation that we’re in, and what we have to hope is that the blood and treasure spent by this country over decades in protecting the people of Afghanistan has not been in vain,” Johnson added.

“We must hope that the parties in Kabul can come together to reach an agreement, and somehow or other, we must hope that an accommodation must be found eventually with the Taliban.”

Johnson is expected to declare today the end of almost two decades of involvement in Afghanistan.

This came as the US military prepares its withdrawal from Afghanistan by September 2021, a deadline set by US President Joe Biden to end America’s longest war.

British Defense Minister said Britain was left with no choice after the US decided to pull out.

“The US decision had left Britain and other Nato allies in a very difficult position to continue that mission”, Ben Wallace said.

We are in a position that we too are in that path of withdrawal, with all the risks that may leave in the future, in the next ten to twenty years.”


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