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Russia Supports Ethiopia over Egypt

Russia Supports Ethiopia over Egypt

Russia’s UN Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia declared the importance of the Grand Renaissance Dam (GERD) to Ethiopia.

The Russian position sparked outrage in Egypt, especially that it came as a sudden shift in its sided statements.

Egyptian authorities have long depended on the Russian support concerning the dam crisis.

However, critics suggest that the Russian move came to strengthen its presence in Ethiopia to compete with the American presence.

The Russian position also came as a reaction to the Egyptian participation in NATO military exercises which were considered as a provocation to Russia interests in the area.

Ethiopia and Russia have also signed a military cooperation deal following three days of talks.

According to Ethiopian sources, the deal will boost “long-standing relations between the two nations to a higher degree.”

The agreement will reportedly focus on improving the national defence force’s knowledge, skill, and technical capabilities.

Ethiopia’s foreign policy alignment has recently shifted to Russia and China as a result of substantial pressure from the US government .

The Biden administration imposed restrictions on visas and economic assistance to the Ethiopian government.

The Ethiopian foreign ministry in response said the move was “regrettable” and could “seriously undermine” US-Ethiopia relations.

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