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Filipino actress’s lifestyle change during COVID-19 generate motivation in business


“New normal” change in show business made the Shaina Magdayao adapt her lifestyle, said the actress today.

As restrictions increase in bubble filming, the 31-year-old said she had to adopt a new lifestyle even in the things she uses.

While she used to have designer bags, she opted for practical ones. She expressed her delight in using them, as they are helpful and valuable during the COVID-19 crisis. 

As others name her, this inspired the self-confessed to enter into a new partnership with a high-school friend, Niki Medina. The makeup artist did not hesitate to go into partnership with her friend. They started a bag business for “pandemic-ready” canvas bags. 

It is reported that these bags are “locally sourced, locally made and locally designed.” They dubbed the brand Organized Chicas and created an IG account for it. (@organizedchicas)

In a recent video interview, the star commented, “Work has become the medium of how I got the idea. I had to adjust my lifestyle because of the pandemic and the designer bags that I used to use before I don’t use them anymore, I don’t even need them anymore. You want something that you can disinfect right away. If you’re talking about canvas, you can wash it right away. Because of my job and the need five months ago, it developed into a brand.” 

Shaina stated that her new brand, Organized Chicas, reflect her life and who she is. It is true since she loves things to be organized, neat, and unconcerned. 

Concerning the price, they come up with P1200 and below, which equals $108. These bags are COVID-19-oriented, coming with outer pockets that fit face masks and sanitisers. They are “specific for the pandemic,” they stated. 

“God has been so generous that in the middle of the pandemic, we were able to come up with a business,” said Shaina. “It feels effortless because this is what we love doing, sharing our hobby and the things that we’re using.”

Having established a brand, she drew a helpful lesson in entrepreneurship. She said, “you have to be hands-on. You can’t be dependent on other people because your brand is you.”

“I didn’t promote this when we launched last Feb. 14,” the star added, “I didn’t even post this on my Instagram page because it’s like a hobby lang, and we didn’t see this coming, that it becomes an official brand.”

Like any business project, Organized Chicas is expanding to add clothing and home items to the show. The brand set up a new partnership with Neat Obsessions.

“From a bag line, we’re now like a lifestyle brand. Everything is made up of canvas and linen, and who knows, we can also carry cotton in the future. 

This wasn’t the plan, of course, but since people kept on asking what I’m wearing all the time, I thought of just making our own line… I’m not trendy. I like going against trends. I go for classic but quality pieces.”

“Next question please!” said Shaina, once asked about her love life, “I hope it is easy as a bag. It is not easy to find a perfect fit for you, all your requirements. But is not as simple.”

Aside from her love life, the Filipino actress seems happy and satisfied, for she is a person who remains positive and brings such positivity onto her life. 

Shaina passed on life advice to young people, as she states, “I try to not hold my phone for 30 minutes upon waking up to gather my thoughts and re-centre. It’s nice! It will help if you put down your phone for an hour at least upon waking up. If you read the Bible, you read the Bible. If you read a book, then read a book.”

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