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A couple enjoys a 1930s lifestyle 

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A young British couple has levelled up classical shopping. 

The 28-year-old Ruth Shelley and her 27-year-old partner, Robert Oestmann, have dropped out of modern lifestyles—most of them.  

They have come back to the 1930s with their technology and fashion lifestyle. Shelly and Oestmann do not watch TV; they listen to a gramophone instead.

Being classical, they have vintage care, secure vintage clothes, and own a classically decorated house. Their house matches the 1930s style. 

When it comes to food, they love the meatloaf with tomato soup, which goes back to depression. 

“(to be) present in the moment as opposed to glued to Netflix or on our phones,” answered the couple when asked about their lifestyle. 

Shelley works as a research historian, while Oestmann is a whiskey salesman. 

The 28-year-old explained the reason behind their fondness in the 1930s despite their young age. “We are fond of history,” said the couple, who tries as many 1930s lifestyle choices as they can. 

‘Get stared a lot’

However, Shelley informed that adopting this style grabs public attention. She stated, “This style isn’t something you could wear if you are shy, as we do get stared at a lot. We don’t mind at all, and it’s often positive feedback.” 

It attracts the attention of the elderly the most, as they feel nostalgic about it. She wears clothing from the 1930s to 1940s, while Robert usually dresses in a suit and a flat cap.

Oestmann credited his style to his childhood, as his family watched classical movies all the time. As he grew older, he “began reading many books,” which inspired him the most. 

Although he expressed his dislike to modern lifestyle, especially clothing, he stated, “There is nothing wrong with casual, but it’s not for me.” 

He added, “Our wardrobe is unique and different to today’s extremely casual.”

They developed their listening habits as they usually listen to the gramophone.

Shelley added that, although their home and lifestyle are rooted in the 1930s, they do embrace one modern convenience: cell phones. 

Despite adopting a 1930s lifestyle, they both use a modern amenity—smartphones.

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