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Rashford feels ‘very well’ after shoulder surgery


Marcus Rashford has declared that his shoulder surgery went ‘very well’, said Man United today. 

Shoulder pain has accompanied the English player for a long time. He just lately chose to go under the knife, especially after Euro 2020. 

Although he suffered shoulder pain, the 23-year-old scored around 40 goals in two seasons. He could have done better if it was not for pain. 

As the surgery went well, the player will miss the opening of the Premier League new season. But he has more chances of playing very soon. 

The Euro-2020 runner-up reassured his Man United’s fans that he feels well. On Twitter, the player expressed his feelings following the surgery. 

Rashford tweeted, “Thank you for all the well wishes. I had my surgery on Friday morning, and everything went very well. A little sore, but other than that, I’m feeling good.”

Counting the days

The club, the player, and the fans are counting the days until they return to pitch. The Red Devils adopt a promising squad this season, as they reinforced the club with professional newcomers. 

Having been unfairly criticised for seemingly putting his own ambitions of playing at a major tournament before the club, Rashford eloquently justified his decision to delay the surgery in a social media post at the end of July.

The player clarified that delaying the injury was for the sake of his country and his team. However, following the surgery, he announced that a player should always listen to his body. 

And no one “knows my body better than me,” said Rashford


The player indirectly alluded to his manager in the international team, as the player has not had a fair chance to play at EURO2020. 

“Would I have gone?” rhetorically asked the player if he had predicted that he would sit on the bench. 

The best young talent in the team declared that he did not walk away last season empty-handed. “I scored 36 goals,” the player referred to his goalscoring number, “and most importantly, I learnt new lessons”—even if the hard way. 

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