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Homelatest newsGovernment lose majority over media vote, Polish opposition say

Government lose majority over media vote, Polish opposition say

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Polish opposition said Wednesday that the government had lost its majority.

This happened after lawmakers decided to postpone the voting setting in the Polish House
of Representatives on a media bill testing the stability of the government.

Lawmakers passed the opposition-proposed decision to postpone the setting with 229 votes
in favour and 227 votes against in the 460-seat parliament.

Doubts about the government’s ability to lead a majority grew on Tuesday, removing the
head of the coalition partner Accord, Jaroslaw Gowin, from the Deputy Premier position.

Two lawmakers from Law and Justice (PiS) missed Wednesday’s motion to vote.

PiS is the largest party of the ruling coalition.

Moreover, Jaroslaw Sachajko of the Kukiz 15 party said the four party members had
mistakingly voted for the opposition.

Kukiz 15 party supports the ruling coalition, although it’s not part of it.

ٍSo, the vote left question marks hanging over the stability of the government and the future of
a broadcaster ownership bill opposed by the United States.

The vote raised concerns about the stability of the government and the future of anownership bill to a broadcaster opposed by the US. 

Critics say this opposition aims to silence TVN24, the news channel Discovery owns.

“Minority government has started,” Krzysztof Gawkowski, from the opposition party, said.

“This parliament will not be like it has been up to now,” he added.

In an interview between RMF FM and Accord’s leader, Gowin, all Accord’s members received
an attractive proposal to stay in the United Right coalition on Wednesday.

“This is a test of character, above all the character of Accord politicians,” he said.

Accord had previously opposed the current form of media reform legislation.

Accord’s spokesperson Magdalena Sroka said five of ten ex-PiS Accord members favored
the postponement in the vote.

Finally, a government spokesperson was not immediately available for comments.



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