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Liverpool to sign the Wolves’ big guy

Liverpool announces their interest to sign Wolves’ forward Adama Traore this transfer window, said English new agency today.

The 25-year-old player turned down the Wolves’ extending contract, as he looks for a new destination. The Reds’ manager, Jurgen Klopp, loves the Spanish player’s qualities, spurring an interest in the English club to sign him.

On the other hand, the Wolves have no problem selling their forward, if the deal seems to be good.

Traore is not the only player that may leave the club. His teammate, Ruben Neves, is for sale today, announced the club. However, the club look for satisfying sales this summer.

The Reds are not the only to have interest in signing Traore, as Leeds United seem to have a keen interest, too. However, Liverpool are most likely to seal the deal, as Wolves set £40m as a minimum price for him. And that could be beyond Leeds’s financial capabilities.

Will it get serious?

Liverpool already initiated talks over the Spanish player. However, the administration of the club sees £40m is a bit high for the Spanish player. Still, they want to seal the deal.

While the club can pay £40m for Traore, but they are playing on a win-to-win deal with Wolves.

Will Traore be worth the £40m-deal!

The deal is likely to happen, as the 2019 Premier League winners are making a room for Traore. Shaqiri is set to leave and join the French club, Lyon. Likewise, Divock Origi is for sale, as well. But his destination is still unknown.

If one of these two players move, Traore will most likely to wear the red jersey this summer.

Klopp has this keen interest in the 25-year-old, as he wants to reinforce the front line with another forward. Traore is the best choice for Liverpool, Klopp believes.

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