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Fake Covid Vaccine Certificates Investigated in France

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Police in France are investigating a series of fake Covid-19 vaccine certificate.

This came after several doctors reported having their health service accounts hacked. The forgers are also producing fake negative Covid-19 tests.

Moreover, health authority has reported a growing number of forged certificates.

Since Mai, police has investigated nearly 46 incidents.

Several hackers have been put under investigation in recent weeks in Paris, Grenoble and Bordeaux.

At the end of last month, a vaccine centre contract worker was jailed after he was found to have generated 200 false QR codes.

“Health pass fraud is very serious and is severely punished. Nobody should be cheating with the vaccine,” a local deputy prefect, Martin Guespereau, told journalists.

“She believes that someone who doesn’t want to be vaccinated has the right not to be and still continue to have a normal life without being excluded from certain places,” he said.

Le Figaro reported between 500 and 600 internet searches for “fake declaration.”

However, researchers found that the number had soared to more than 4,000.

Shocking Testimonies

Jean-Paul Hamon, a GP and honorary president of the Federation of French Doctors, admitted issuing three certificates.

However, he insisted he had only done so for two patients who were fully vaccinated and a third who had recovered from Covid-19.

All three were eligible for a health pass but were having difficulty downloading the necessary QR code.

“What should I have done? Left these people stuck at home without a health pass when they had the right to one,” he said.

“Obviously I’m not about to issue fake vaccine certificates to someone completely unknown to me who turns up without the slightest proof.”

“The three people I gave a QR code to are well known to me and I checked their documents. They should be able to easily obtain a health pass.”

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