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Homelatest newsTihany residents protest against renovations in Lake Balaton

Tihany residents protest against renovations in Lake Balaton

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A renewed protest has erupted against construction plans around Lake Balaton at the harbor of Tihany, Hungary.

The harbor is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Real-estate developers intend to build apartments, houses, a residential park, a tourist center and a hotel.

Residents are demanding the designation of this special area as a green zone, so developers don’t pave it with cement.

Hundreds protested against the plans and pleaded with the authorities to save the land on Saturday afternoon.

The Impact on Tihany

“The village will fail if it happens, there have already been a couple of settlements at Lake Balaton,” a local said.

“We only have one Tihany, and it’s not only for us locals, but a wonderful little jewelry box for the whole country.” He added.

The president of the opposition Grassroots organization, György Molnár, spoke about the effect of the new law on the area.

Additionally, Molnár also expressed disapproval over the renovation plans.

“There are plans to almost double the population of Tihany with these residential properties,” he said.

“At the moment, we do not realize the effect on the environment, on transport or on utilities,” he added.

Authorities explain

Tihany Mayor Imre Tósoki says the area has long been planned for renovation due to the lack of building space in the center of Tihany.

The Tihany area has been a national park and a place for tourism development for over 30 years.

“It is not possible to build anything anywhere you want.” The mayor said.

Tihany residents are afraid their settlement will suffer like other waterfront areas.

Gated parks and hotels block the locals’ access to the beach.

Moreover, Residents are demanding a two-year construction delay on the territory of Hemp Lands.

During this time, they would negotiate a compromised solution with the authorities to preserve the natural balance of Lake Balaton.


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