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Haiti Earthquake Death Toll Climbs to 2,100

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The death toll from the massive earthquake that hit Haiti soared past 2,000 victims.

Relief workers warned of challenges to aid efforts after thousands of people became homeless.

Survivors showed increasing frustration about the sluggish arrival of relief to hard-hit areas.

Meanwhile, more than 9,900 people were injured in the earthquake.

People felt the quake in Cuba and Jamaica.

UNICEF estimated that 1.2 million Haitians have been affected, including 540,000 children.

Moreover, more than 84,000 houses have been damaged or destroyed.

Over the past few days, torrential rain and heavy wind hit the country.

“Countless Haitian families who have lost everything due to the earthquake are now living literally with their feet in the water due to the flooding,” Bruno Maes, UNICEF’s representative in Haiti said.

International Support Appealed

Following the tragic incident, the US and the United Nations have pledged help and support.

Hospitals and health care facilities in the area lack supplies and are short on staff, the US Agency for International Development said.

“I see children crying on the street and people asking us for food. But we are low on food ourselves as well,” Carl-Henry Petit-Frère, field manager for the group, said.

“The organizations are doing what they can. But we need more supplies. We need food, clean water and shelter most, we need them fast.”

“We are deeply concerned about the devastation that this earthquake causes in a country already hit by extreme poverty social and political unrest,” said Marcelo Viscarra, World Vision’s national director in Haiti.

“But now, we have a pandemic and the threat of Tropical Storm Grace.”

The quake and tropical storm have combined with a serious coronavirus outbreak to bring the country’s health infrastructure to its knees.

Overwhelmed hospitals in the hardest-hit areas are the ones still standing after Saturday’s monster earthquake.

The earthquake has occurred along the same line as the devasting tremor 11 years ago.

The 2010 earthquake was one more that a disaster in the country. As a result, the country faced the greatest humanitarian need in its history.

Since then, Haiti has suffered from decades of political, economic, and social setbacks and inequalities.

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