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Barca: Griezmann and Coutinho should follow Pique’s steps

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Joan Laporta, the Barca president, will talk to Griezmann and Coutinho to cut their wages, announced Spanish news agency today.

As the financial crisis in Barca continues, Laporta will ask both players to follow the footsteps of Pique.

The problems in the club have been rising in public lately, especially the departure of La Bulga to PSG. The whole world knows that Messi left due to financial problems in the club. And he and Barca could not find a solution that meets the regulations of La Liga.

The Barca defender and second captain, Gerard Pique, agreed to a massive cut in his salary. By doing that, Barca was able to register the newcomers, Memphis Depay and Eric Garcia.

Barca administration thinks that the rest of the players should follow Pique. And together they can circumvent the financial crisis.

Other players

Last week, the club declared that they initiated talks with Busquets and Alba over the same topic. A Spanish sports agency reported that Sergi Roberto joined the latter two in the talks with the club.

Barca is most likely to reach an agreement with the three players. When they reach an agreement, the president will then talk to Griezmann and Coutinho. Both still remain with the highest salaries/

Regarding Grieamann, it is obvious that the player is likely to agree to a salary cut, but nothing official yet. While the Brazilian may leave the club, he is also like the Frenchman willing to take a cut.

Laporta expressed his hopes in establishing a new wage structure that is “more logical.” Interestingly, most earners and first-team players in the club will face the same fate: to cut their salaries. And the club will then make the rates match the world’s current market.

Therefore, the newcomers will not have a chance to talk about a new deal. Depay, Garcia, and Aguero, and Emerson will stay at the same rates.

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